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A love letter to my new clients

Learn about the therapeutic process

If you're reading this, you might be a neurodiverse person or couple curious about their gender, sexuality, ethical non monogamy (ENM), Kink or BDSM. 

You might have trouble expressing your needs, identity and sexual desires to your partner(s) for fear of being judged. I've been there: I hear you, I see you. 

You are welcome here. You are welcome, with all your fears, traumas and curiosity, to my practice. Here you will be received with love and great care. 

My lived experience includes practicing various forms of ethical non monogamy, from the serious to the more casual, exploring my own kinks and BDSM practices. 

My goal is to help you better connect with your partner(s) and have a more fulfilling and loving relationship.  I have a unique approach that utilizes attachment theory along with self regulation techniques.  

Because I am trained in EFT (emotionally focused therapy) as well as Gottman, I am able to give my clients practical tools to improve their relationships in way that are small and easy to do.

Examples of practical tools include having regular relationship check in conversations, creating routines and rituals with partners in order to strengthen communication.  

I am a big believer of providing psychoeducation, such as offering relevant articles, videos, podcasts, books so my clients can feel more confident in our sessions. 

Teaching emotional regulation is a big part of my work with clients. I want you to feel confident in being able to navigate big emotions such as jealousy, anger and fear of abandonment. I start by helping people determine and verbalize their emotional needs and then utilize practical tools from DBT/CBT to provide people a plan of action.

There is more to say. Let's talk!

My Approach: Welcome
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